19 October 2018

Turkish Textile Foreign Dependency Decreases!

_MG_3804-kKimsoy, originated in Adana, is the largest  reactive dyestuff  manufacturer in Europe.

Turkey, is in the top 5   textile manufacturer countries in the world, with a 3,3 % share . Even though big part of textile dyestuff supply continues to be imported from foreign countries, prospering Turkish producers, by the investments, enlarge the market share and reduce the foreign dependency.

Kimsoy, originated in Adana, becomes the largest reactive dyestuff manufacturer in EUROPE. Kimsoy is preferred by foreign markets with its sustainable and clear textile as the manufactured materials have been controlled by the technological equipments from raw materials to final products.

Kimsoy, which is placed at raw material preferential list of many foreign brands, also preferred by the companies, initially, go for ‘’ Made in Turkey’’ raw materials.

1In 1997, Kimsoy was founded by EKSOY DYES&CHEMICALS with Korean partner; KISCO. Last quarter of 2018, KIMSOY keep on growing by planned new investments. The company manufactures reactive dyestuff, which is currently used for dyeing cellulosic fibers. Current capacity of 2200 Tons/per year will reach to 3500 Tons/per year by new reactor and cooling line. With this capacity, Kimsoy, certainly secures its’s position as the biggest reactive dyestuff manufacturer in Europe.


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