Aldemir Tekstil Makine Co.Turkish Textile company

Aldemir Tekstil Makine Co.Turkish Textile company

afis-1 (Medium)Aldemir Tekstil Makine Co. was established by M.Sc. mechanical engineer Umit Aldemir in 1997.Our aim is to provide Turkey made spare parts fort he market. The problems that ocur about textile-knitting machine are solved by comprehension of an engineering not by foreman. The spare parts that produced by Aldemir Tekstil Makine Co. are not only limited for knitting machines but also any kind of circular knitting machines. In Turkey market Shima Seiki and Stoll brand flat knitting machines are mostly used and more than 700 different type of spare parts are produced and sold by Aldemir. One of the best technology in the world

Pailung is in Turkey now. We also keep the original spare parts in our stocks. We are also supplier of HENKEL,GROZ BECKERT,ORGAN,SAMSUNG,KLUBER SHELL LUBRICANTS and KERN LIEBERS. Our intelligence of quality can compete with the world and our aim is to produce good quality with the lower price.

Any of our customers are very worthy for us, we are always ready to servet hem as cheerful and respect.