About Us

Tekstil Trend Magazine, which is one of the publishing organs of Yükseliş Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti.

Since its establishment, it has been an effective sectoral publication serving the textile sector.

Tekstil Trend Magazine, following closely the developments in the field of textile technology today

Turkey and sector firms in the world, is to inform about the developments in textile technology and techniques.

Tekstil Trend, which is one of the pioneers in its field, has been meeting its readers for 17 years.

Our magazine brings together the leading companies that have a say in the world textile sector every month with their news.

Not only in Turkey but also are closely watched by international industry representatives and readers every month.

Tekstil Trend successfully represents its customers by participating in many international and local events and fairs.

Tekstil Trend magazine continues to serve as the voice of the industry in the world.