As the Association of Printing Craftsmen we wanted May Each Printing Business Owner Has a Standard

As the Association of Printing Craftsmen we wanted May Each Printing Business Owner Has a Standard

We talked with Mr. Aydın Uysal, President of Printing Craftsmen Association, who explained about the printing sector today and tomorrow: “We decided to bring together the Printing Sector under the umbrella of an association where the employers and their employees can discuss their common problems and produce solutions. We wanted to have a standard of every printing business holder. We also tried to protect the rights of employees if we worked for the rights of a company owner.” 

IMG-20181019-WA0053Can you give brief information about the foundation story, history and purpose of your association? 

In the beginning, we had no idea of establishing an association. Everything started with a group we established under the heading of  “Printing businesses” in the social media environment after 2010. In the course of time, the people who saw the images, videos and writings in our posts as a reliable source thought: This group is a group that can find everything we are looking for in the printing industry. and they started following us. Thus, the number of our followers came to 20 thousand 30 thousand and 40 thousand, and almost a market was established here. As a result, our work began to spread abroad and we also started to broadcast live broadcasts. It was a beautiful union.

In order to create a structure that embraces everyone, we organized a meeting 4-5 times before establishing the association. We witnessed occasional debates in these meetings. The resulting table: We have decided to meet the points where the employee and the employer are right, we can discuss our common problems, and under the umbrella of an association where we can produce solutions. As a matter of fact, on 24.11.2017, we established Printing Craft Association.

Did you encounter negative reactions during the foundation of the association? 

In the beginning, we encountered reactions. It was said: ”The union is wanted to be established.“ ”They want to bring the employees together and they want to bankrupt the bosses.“

”They will bring the employers together and bring a standard salary and salaries will be reduced.“ However, we cannot have such a goal or goal. We believe that the better we will pay our colleagues, the better we will pay regular payments and provide social opportunities in the work area.

2What is your main objective as an association? 

Our primary aim is; Eliminating the self-ordained. We wanted to have a standard of every printing business holder. We also tried to protect the rights of employees if we worked for the rights of a company owner. We want to act in common working principles such as social rights, working hours, weekend and public holidays. We wanted to provide a decent working environment with ventilation. In addition, the rights of the owner of Printing should be kept. Because Printing Owner also needs to make money. For this, the price policy should be determined. Therefore, we should support each other with a common price policy. If we combine our R & D and thoughts, we take more orders and both exporters and we win. Most importantly Turkey wins.

Does the sector have an inventory? Who works, where, what is done? How many machines and how many firms you have? 

When we researched as an association, we see that there are more than 4 thousand printing companies in Istanbul and around 5,800 in Turkey. A very serious figure for our industry. An average of 300,000 people work in real terms in this sector. We don’t count their children and their wives. If you calculate 300 thousand people over 4 people, it makes 1-1,5 million people. I mean, it’s a very serious and important sector.

3What are your problems with your industry? And What Are You Aiming To Solve? 

Besides the size of this sector, there are serious problems.

1-In the sector, we do not appear to be either textile manufacturer, confectioner or chemist. At this point, both the exporter and the state cannot locate us in a certain place.

2-Our second biggest problem is the VAT problem. We do not do hand work, we are not accepted in the textile class. It is not clear what we are. The store-man is paying 8% VAT, the embroidery is 8%, the planter is 4% +%. but we are paying 18% VAT. There are very few Print owners in the last 10 years.

3-If we can create a serious association, we want to get electricity, energy reduction.

4-We want to eliminate the problems related to work and occupational health safety. Our request is to understand the fact that the sector is one of the sectors providing the highest level of foreign exchange input to the Turkish market, which provides 100% support to exports..

There are rumors that the dyes used as the reason why workers do not come to the printing industry contain carcinogenic substances. Ehat do you think about this issue? 

First of all, let me make clear that; There is nothing to be concerned about carcinogens in our business and in our products. All our employees can contribute to their businesses with peace of mind. All products we use are controlled by companies 24 hours a day. In the past years, abrasions, carcinogenic products, etc. have been used. and a gossip: “Printing poisoning people, causes cancer, and kills people.”

No printing in the Black Sea region today! But most cases of cancer occur in the Black Sea region. Does this have a relation with printing? No. All of our products are checked by companies with brand value for 24 hours. For example, in our baby and child group, the child takes it into his mouth, but nothing happens.

Even if he eats it, it doesn’t hurt. Carcinogenic, etc. all of these were behind. Maybe it is possible in the Far East, but in our country, especially approved firms do not have the possibility to do so. In the case of the slightest negativity, the company is subject to any sanctions. And it will even cause it to bankrupt commercially.

4What are your conditions for membership? 

We have no conditions for membership. You just need to be involved in the printing sector. We do not run the condition of training, machine or experience.

Can you tell us about your social activities? 

We usually have a monthly meeting. printing owners in Turkey do not know each other and do not know. For the first time in Turkey, we have put Printing owners together and organized a football tournament. There was a very serious participation. An elimination tournament was held with thirty-two teams. In the coming period, we will continue this tournament and contribute to the friendship of our colleagues. We also plan to make city trips (Çanakkale etc.). We want to increase our social activities.

Do you participate in the fairs? 

We will participate to Interdye & Textile Printing 2018 Fair which will be held on 25-27 October 2018 at Istanbul IFM Fair. Due to the importance given to our association, we were given a stand of 30m2. This event is the first stand of our association as a participant and then we will try to take place in all fairs related to our sector. In addition, the Textile Trend magazine provided both news and interview support.

We also thank them. We think that we can make very significant breakthroughs in the printing industry and we will support the reflections of the developing technology in our industry with domestic production and achieve great success.

What are your thoughts on R & D activities? 

One of the objectives of our association is to create a space where we can carry out R & D activities. Our aim is to direct the R & D outputs to the brands abroad and to share the income of the members of the association. At this point, we have the feature of being a “first” that embraces the sector in every aspect as an association.

Can you share your situation assessments in cooperation with universities? 

Based on the logic of printing, we are going to cooperate with several universities that have a printing department and internship work for students in our field. However, in the sub-departments of universities, we would like to open a section on Printing.

5Are you experiencing any difficulties in the field of Graphic Design – at the point of providing universities with elements in your sector?

We meet the Graphic-Design need in the sector with the elements that are grown up from practice rather than from schools. The number of people who decided to work in the sector and received education at the school is very small and 10%. This situation in itself shows how accurate our aim is to introduce the sector with the people who have been trained in this work, and to open the sub-section in the schools.

Can you evaluate the sector in the way of branding? 

As in the sector, how textile is accepted as a brand in Italy, our branding should be among our priorities. If we need to give the right to the textile in our country, we draw attention to the production and presentation at a rate that will not be underestimated. But we have shortcomings in marketing them. We have a serious share in the world’s textile sector and we have all kinds of infrastructure as machinery and trained manpower to carry it to even better points.

Finally, is there anything you want to add? 

There are many incentives that our government provides to sectors and businesses. There are some special incentives provided by the state in textiles. However, since we are not accepted in any lanes of Printing owners, we are not able to get this incentive nor can we benefit from the VAT discount. We want the state to support us in renewing our machinery. We are still trying to compete with the technology of Europe with 10-15 or 20-25 year old machines. New machines are both 30-40% faster and better quality. We are waiting for the support of our state so that we can keep up with the world standards and adapt to the new technology. We would like to thank Mr. Aydın Uysal, President of Printing Craftsmen Association, for his views on the situation in the Printing sector and for their views on the association.