Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association are taking concrete steps in the transformation of textile sector which is one of the locomotive sectors of the Turkish economy in cooperation with the graduate program. The program aims to contribute to the training of qualified manpower to lead the development of the sector in the field of Technical Textiles in Turkey and to the development of R & D potentials of companies through university-industry cooperation.


Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is launching the Technical Textiles Master Program, which is an important example of university-industry cooperation, supported by the Istanbul Textile Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHIB) in the 2019-2020 academic year. The program has a multidisciplinary structure including materials engineering, polymer, nanotechnology and electronics as well as textile engineering.

At the press conference which was organized regarding to this program, within the scope of the cooperation with vocational high schools for textile sector; İsmail Gülle, President of Turkish Exporters Assembly, emphasized, that university and industry are more united with the scholarships and employment support provided to the students who choose Textile and Leather Engineering in their undergraduate programs In May. Gulle continued as follows: “As a matter of fact, this initiative gave immediate results. In the 2019 student placement, the Textile Engineering Department, as one of the most preferred departments, has filled its quota almost completely. I’m sure we’ll see interest in our graduate programs as well. I believe that our graduate students trained by ITU, one of the best universities in Turkey, will both develop academic literature with their theses and provide added value to our sector with new production techniques. In addition, our Textile and Raw Materials sector, with a unit value of $ 4.3, is one of the sectors that generate the most value added. In this sense, our qualified workforce is one of the most valuable export family. We, as exporters, are aware of this. We should not forget that the most important issue of our cooperation is added value. The sequel that will motivate us the most; projects and written theses are put into practice and provide added value to our country as a national technology product. As TIM, we can only achieve our goal, “Turkey which Surplus Foreign Trade”, by exporting national technology.

Vice Rector of ITU, Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Aydin stated that the program, which will be realized for the first time in Turkey in the field of Technical Textiles, will contribute to the training of qualified manpower to lead the development of the sector, as well as support to the development of the R & D potentials of the companies. Rector Prof. Dr. Aydın stated that the students studying in the program will have detailed information about all processes in different fields of innovative technical textiles from raw material to final product and said “The student will gain the ability to design, develop and evaluate product quality depending on the field of end use and to develop innovative and original technical textile products, as well as the potential of creating a competitive advantage in their professions thanks to the interdisciplinary perspective offered by the program. In Turkey and in the world, we have prepared a contemporary and pioneering curriculum for the training of the qualified manpower needed by our country in the field of Technical Textiles, which has been increasing in importance recently. We will continue our support to the sector through different channels.”


ITHIB Chairman Ahmet Orphan said: “Textile production, export and employment is one of the indispensable sector for Turkey’s economy. Within the scope of the Textile Engineering Scholarship and Employment Project that we started this year, we increased the quotas from 42 percent to 92 percent and at the same time the department scores increased by 100 points. With the sensitivity we show to university-industry cooperation, we are launching the master’s program in Technical Textiles with thesis at ITU for the first time this year. With this concrete step taken for our sector and our country, we hope that our youth will start the sector in a more qualified way with a wider perspective. Technological developments are rapidly transforming the world. Under these circumstances, continuing with traditional textile understanding will affect the competitive power of our sector in the medium and long term. We have to realize the transformation of our sector with Technical Textiles. Here we take perhaps the most important steps necessary for this. While the share of Turkey’s exports from the world market is nine per thousand, we receive three and a half percent from the world market as the textile and raw materials sector and fifteen and a half percent from the EU market. We need a new vision to maintain and increase this power. We can achieve this vision only through projects such as this master program with ITU, which is one of the most concrete examples of university-industry cooperation.”

ITU Dean of the Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design. Prof. Dr. Ömer Berk Berkalp who spoke in the meeting, said: ” The language of the program will be 100 percent English. At the end of the program, graduates who have gained the ability to transfer current developments and studies in the field of innovative Technical Textiles in their own language or foreign language will be trained.”

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