Optimized Dyehouses with Automation Systems

Optimized Dyehouses with Automation Systems

ENMOS logoIn this era regardless the sector,automation systems are the inevitable for modern well equipped manufacturers. Automation systems are the first step of Lean Managed,Efficient and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing.

In textile sector, decisive factors are quality, on time production, cost and enviromental protection. Recently many of big retailers such as Nike,Adidas,Under Armour, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Zara and so on apply strict requirement to manufacturers to comply with those factors.

Regarding those decisive factors ;as ENMOS Industrial Automation, we provide full automated dyehouse systems; starting from dyeing machine controllers, dyehouse automation software, liquid chemical dispensing, salt-soda ash dispensing systems and automatic weighing-dissolving-dispensing system.

Right element, right amount, right timing are the keys of optimized dyeing process. We asked our customers about their opinions about ENMOS and here are the comments ;

Can you please tell us after using Enmos Dyehouse Automation Systems what are the impacts ?

“We have been using Enmos systems since 2014.We have significantly improved our manufacturing processes after having Enmos systems. We are now able to monitor each step of dyeing process. Focus Enterprise Dyehouse Software gives us the opportunity to control batches,machines status, temperature diagrams,dyeing recipe management, water and energy consumption.

Since we are a supplier of giant international retail companies we are facing very intense competition in terms of quality and cost management. Dyestuff and other agents being used in dyeing process are significantly important to manage our production costs.  Profix FW (Automatic Dyehouse Weighing-Dissolving-Dispensing System)  helped us to decrease our costs in terms of labor costs and dyestuff costs. This system was the milestone of our facility to get close to Industry 4.0 and helped us to decrease labor costs, dyestuff consumption and  as well as increased quality by decreasing re-work rates since start using ENMOS’s system.

We are very proud to hear that we are able to provide cost effective products along with great customer satisfaction in all terms. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation to all ENMOS’s customers for choosing us.”




Advantages of Industry 4.0 in Automation  Systems

Ekran Alıntısı Industry 4.0 basically aims to bring together Information  Technology and Industry. The main elements that make up Industry 4.0 are the next generation of software and hardware. Unlike today’s classical hardware, the next generation hardware requires less energy and space, while it is more efficient and safer. At the same time,the next generation of software also uses less resources and memory.

Advantages of Industry 4.0,

– Facilitate system monitoring  and malfunction  detection

– Self-awareness of systems and components

– The system is environmentally friendly and sustainable through resource saving

– Increase in productivity

– Increase flexibility in production

– Development  of new service and business models

– Cost reduction

The industry 4.0 is aiming to remove the industry’s problems which are more orless production than planned, faulty production, stock wastage, etc. Achievements of Industry 4.0 are, less costly production, minimal energy use, less heat generation, time savings,less resources and less memory etc. besides, working at high speed and reliability, producing at least twice as much yield and quality as previous works