Kordsa Global was in the center of attention with its high quality products

Kordsa Global was in the center of attention with its high quality products

A world leader in nylon and polyester yarn, Kordsa Global met with visitors from various countries of the world in the 11thInternational Yarn Fair.

ECCD46FE2E5A4F0791B7C707244D40E1_800x600Industrial yarns of Kordsa are well known with its quality in technical textile sector. Kordsa’s yarns are used in a vast number of applications; most common usages are rubber constituents such as cord fabric, industrial fabrics, single end cord; and other technical textile products such as airsprings, hoses, conveyor belts, V-belts, ropes, geogrid, protective textiles and concrete reinforcement.

Indicated that Kordsa Global is the technology leader along with its sectorial leadership, Kordsa Global CEOCenk Alper said: “We are working systematically on developing new products and bringing our current products to perfection with a strong team in our R&D center. In its production facilities across five continents, Kordsa Global meets the demand for industrial yarn across the world with its best quality products and services. We are meeting with our customers once again. In addition, it is an opportunity for us to meet with potential customers.”

 Strong, high denier yarns

Kordsa Global produces high-resistence industrial nylon 6.6 yarn (470 dtex and over) and high-resistence industrial HMLS polyester yarn (550 dtex and over). Nylon 6.6 yarn is produced from adipic acid and HMD (hexamethylene diamine). Polyester yarns are DMT (Dimethy Terephthalate) derivatives.

Kordsa Global uses “melt spinning” process technology in yarn production. Polymer is produced with polymerization reactor system or through melting of polymer chips. Molten polymer is sieved and then it is coated with finish oil. The physican and mechanical features of polymer, which is subject to cold and hot rolling processes, becomes ready for industrial applications.