Pro Teknik, an experienced company in the industry that provides modification, service and spare parts services to Sücker Müller-Hacoba brands for many years, has collaborated with textile brand KTM Krantz in the field of textile finishing has created a new brand in the production of dressing (sizing), indigo and direct warping machines. Founded in the name of Pro-SMH, company has a long history of engineering experience and is breaking a new ground in the finishing machines that the textile industry needs


1-300x211Pro Technical Founder Partners Cüneyt İşman and KTM Krantz Founder Tufan Karakurt answered the questions of Tekstil Trend Trend Magazine about this merger and Pro-SMH firm that resounded in the sector. Cüneyt İşman, who said that they have passed the engineering experiences based on long years to the machines they produce under the framework of Pro


SMH, stated that the intensive demand from textile producers was effective in establishing the company. Pro Teknik and KTM Krantz supervisors have teamed up to produce the indigo, sizing and direct warping machines required by the textile industry with years of experience in engineering, and have been successful in their work for many years with their own companies now they transfer the studies under SMH roof


KTM KRANTZ TECHNICAL MACHINE, which has taken over the world’s oldest textile dyeing technology from the producers of German KRANTZ company together with all copyrights and became the only manufacturer in the world, cooperated with PRO-SHM (PROTECNIC) company and merged forces three years ago.


KTM KRANTZ TECHNICAL MACHINE General Manager Tufan KARAKURT made explanations about the subject to our magazine.


Tufan KARAKURT gave important information about the Krantz company to the process of closure and transfer, the transfer of production in Turkey and the cooperation they had with PRO-SHM.

Tufan KARAKURT stated that; ‘“The German KRANTZ Company is known as one of the world’s largest producers of 135 years of established history with its extensive know-how. This company has succeeded in selling hundreds of machines to our country in the result of high quality production and was one of the most successful companies of German technology in our country. As a result of the interest of Turkish textile in this technology, company decided to produce Moenus -Inter Service in Turkey in 1995. This investment has been realized because of an intense demand by the Turkish industrialists and quick production demand. In 2006, when the Inter Service was closed in 2004, KTM acquired KRANTZ’s entire production and marketing rights including the brand. Since 2011, KTM continues to produce as KRANTZ Teknik Makine Ltd. Şti. Although it seems a little complicated, both KTM Technical core staff and PROTEKNIK core staff are based on KRANTZ. Both companies are composed of people who have been presenting KRANTZ technology to Turkish Textile Industry for many years.


4-300x187Now KARAKURT who said that they had combined strengths with the cooperation of PROTEKNİK, continued his explanations as follows; ‘’ Among the machines that KTM KRANTZ manufactures mainly are Dye Machines, Jet, Water Jet, Air Jet, Coil Painting (vertical and horizontal), Levent Painting, Pipe. In the coming days wewill begin production of wet and dry finishing machines. The reason why we go to cooperate with PROTEKNİK is that we produce products complementary to each other, and because of the very rustproof use of Indigo machines, KRANTZ is experienced and successful. This situation has strengthened us even further. I also want to mention another issue. We produce dyeing machines, washing machines, cooking and resting boilers, indigo boilers. Automation of these machines, sizing and Creel systems, all software was being manufactured in PROTEKNIK’s İzmit factory. Now, in our new factory with a closed area of 4 thousand square meters in Istanbul Kıraç, all the units will be gathered under a single roof. With our İzmit Factory, we become a Group Company with a production area of 10 thousand square meters and become one of the biggest Textile Machinery Plants of our country.


Tufan KARAKURT said that while continuing to manufacture the metal parts of the machines in new factory in Kıraç and continuing the assembly, automation and software parts in İzmit, said: “Sometimes our businesses go up in capacity and unscheduled capacity increases. After a certain period of time, we notice some problems. It is not a problem to produce 10 machines or 20 machines per month. You sell it in any way. The important thing is not to produce and sell a lot of machines, but to catch quality and work for 15/20 years without any problems, customer satisfaction and keeping that company as a reference for many years. The machines that the German Krantz company sold 20 years ago still have the same performance in our country and in other countries. Only software has been updated and we continue our work with the same understanding as KTM KRANTZ Teknik Makine.

21-300x216Today, KTM KRANTZ Teknik Makine is a business that has proved its quality. The life of a machine is designed to work for 40 years and 50 years. According to Turkish companies, foreign companies know quality very well. I want to touch on another topic here. Today, most of our market is abroad. We are less responsive to the inner market. You make research and development, you develop a new product by working day and night. Then they try to copy it and they offer this machine for a price of one third. Once there are very bad copycats. Unfortunately, they damage both themselves and the business that took the machine. When they are exporting these poor quality machines, they damage the image of Turkey. When we go abroad, we constantly face these kinds of issues. There are enterprises producing quality machines in the sector. We make great effort to improve the image of our country. The situation is also the same in the domestic market. May be you hear it, it has been difficult for many years to market quality machines in our country. Maybe the world’s best quality machine is being produced, but nobody tends to buy a domestic machine. They sometimes offered half price, but many businesses bought a German Italian technology, spending thousands of Liras. Then we complain that the local industrialists do not give support. On the contrary, our textile producer gave us a significant support. At present, many enterprises support our domestic machinery producers and produce technology by making joint R & D. Turkey now needs companies that produce and develop technology far beyond signboard enterprises.”

Under the name of Pro-SMH, Pro Technique and KTM Krantz are known for their quality and successful services in the textile sector. Founder Partner Cüneyt İşman, who stated that Pro Teknik was founded in 2008 in partnership with Cüneyt İşman, Hasan Çakır and Cenk Gencay, said: “We have about 30 years of experience in the textile sector. We spent about 20 years of this service at Sucker Müller Hacoba company worldwide. Most companies in Europe were closed or transferred in the mid-2000s. This enabled us to set up Pro Teknik in 2008 and to serve worldwide after Turkey. Taking back support from textile manufacturers, in 2014 we decided to pre-weave textiles and go into Indigo machine production.” After years of engineering services related to Sucker Müller Hacoba and Krantz textile machines, Noting that Pro Pro Teknik and Sucker Müller provided service and spare parts service around the world, İşman said: “Pro Teknik dominates a wide range of markets. We provide Sucker Müller service to countries such as India, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt as well as Turkey.”


31-300x217Tufan KARAKURT stated that; ‘’ Today more than 2000 machines are working in Turkish Textile Sector as KRANTZ and KTM KRANTZ TECHNICAL. We manufacture completely with German technology. At present, KRANTZ’s technical staff and engineers are in cooperation and support of us for the success of this technology. Our company, which is completely Turkish, has German technology. We’ve added something new on it. We were able to move the firm out of the borders of Turkey again. the same team who performed exports and the oldest person is Alfred Eser. Today Turkey is one of the countries where these machines are used heavily. The ones that produce these machines in Turkey do not develop themselves anyhow. Unfortunately, they could not catch a KRANTZ or Italian technology. We want to be able to catch these technologies in the producers in our country today, we export to many countries of the world. We built our own place in Bangladesh and now we serve from saels and technical service with 25 staff. They are all experts and resident in Bangladesh. We continue exporting to many countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India, Egypt.’’

Together with PROTECNICS we have become even more powerful now. We are going to increase capacity with our new location. We also made a number of plans in order to get our exports up even higher. Now we have started a rapid promotion work both at home and abroad. We will participate in international fairs as well as sectorial publications and Internet advertisements. We participate at the KTM Fair organized every year in Kahramanmaraş. We participated in ITM 2018 fairs in Uzbekistan CAITME. In addition to ITMA 2019 Barcelona fairs, we will be taking part in local fairs in several countries. Some things do not change suddenly. If the stage is step-bystep, it is more beneficial for company. After a couple of years we will all see this group in very different places. We also thank you as a magazine and wish you success in your business life.