Öz Anadolu Chemical Turkish Textile company

Öz Anadolu Chemical Turkish Textile company

bina1_bÖz Anadolu Chemical has started its journey in printed fabric sector in a small workshop in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu back in 1989. Founded by Adem Bülbül, the company moved from its 60 m2 basement workshop to a 2500 m2 building in 4 years. With better physical conditions, Öz Anadolu Chemical started to boost its role in domestic market. This followed the unveiling of first branches in İzmir and Adana respectively.

To make a difference in the sector, you need to big think. So the company attached importance to integration. For better coordination of organizational processes, the company founded a brand new company to produce all the equipment and machines for producing printed fabric. Ader Machines, soon turned into a trustworthy brand at home and abroad.

 By combining the principles of the Anatolian soil with its vision, Öz Anadolu Chemical soon became a leader in Turkish printed fabric sector. The company started to join international fairs to better catch up with the global market. Evaluating its exports and imports potential, the company took the right steps at the right time and started exporting its products to 19 countries across the world. The company also started representing other global companies.
This steady growth boosted the company’s credibility as a brand. Öz Anadolu Chemical was now big enough to do business globally and compete masterfully in the changing world market. With this awareness, the company unveiled a production and a sales factory in Egypt and a trade company in Uzbekistan with its own sources.

In year 2008, Öz Anadolu Chemical was celebrating its 19th year with a production volume enough to meet the domestic and foreign demand. The company soon moved to its new facility in Mahmutbey, built on 11 thousand m2. After this huge investments, came the research and development projects. Öz Anadolu Chemical soon became a leading company in the field of research and development, working hand in hand with universities. Öz Anadolu Chemical works with its solution partners to come up with innovations and meet the demands of the changing world.

 Starting its journey with 3 people, Öz Anadolu Chemical never compromised quality with its innovative and creative team which is currently more than 55 people. Öz Anadolu Chemical, keeps increasing its exports and considers contributing to Turkish economy its priority.

 Öz Anadolu Chemical that has built a company culture of providing quality service, is now proudly producing the machines and all the equipment that is necessary to produce printed fabrics.

The company’s success that has gone far beyond Turkey’s borders has boosted with its exports in more than 25 countries and its braches abroad. Öz Anadolu Chemical is currently a leader and the biggest company in Turkey in the sector with its modern facilities and world quality produce.

 In order to prevail these success, having modern facilities and high technology production is not enough. There are other values to be respected. Öz Anadolu Chemical is carrying out its responsibilities when it comes to efficient use of natural sources, minimizing damage to nature and providing better working conditions to its employees. 

By harmonizing with ISO-9001 Quality Management System, the company shapes its philosophy according to consumer satisfaction and its constant urge to develop. It also embraces integrated management system for better quality.

 Öz Anadolu Chemical Industry and Trade Incorporate that has started its journey with the ambition of being a regional leader first and a global player later, has been making dreams come true for its country for 23 years. The company is promoting Anatolia all over the world. The company has a target of being one of the biggest and the most innovative of the sector by 2023 when Turkish Republic will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The company believes that it has the professional infrastructure and the amateur spirit to achieve that.