Trützschler at ITMA ASIA 2014

Trützschler at ITMA ASIA 2014

Superlap_TSL 12 (Medium)On the 600 m² Trützschler stand in hall W2, the four business areas SPINNING, NONWOVENS, MAN-MADE FIBER and CARD CLOTHING, as well as the Chinese TRUETSCHLER TEXTILE MACHINERY SHANGHAI (TTMS), are represented.

 TTMS exhibits the Truetzschler Card TC 8, the currently leading card in China in regards to technology. This card has the longest carding section for optimal fiber protection and high performance. Developments such as Setting Optimiser T-Con and the flats system MAGNOTOP are some typical features that make Trützschler cards, like the exhibited TC 8, unique.

 The autoleveller Draw Frame TD 8 shown at the stand is equipped with the separately driven SERVO CREEL. The highlights of this machine are the new input sensor DISC LEVELLER and the quality monitoring system with sensor DISC MONITOR.

 Trützschler SPINNING places emphasis on two machines that have not yet been introduced at a trade fair.

 The first one is the Truetzschler-Toyota SUPERLAP TSL 12. This machine for combing preparation delivers laps of the highest quality. Due to the multi-drive system, the speeds of the individual elements can be optimised with utmost sensitivity and precision. The result is a very uniform lap with perfect unwinding behaviour at the comber.

 Detail Automatischer Folienwickler In-line BWT 202-09 (Medium)Meanwhile, the Toyota-Truetzschler Comber TCO 12 has proven successful in practice. The TWIN-DRIVE System – the double sided drive of the important combing elements – reduces the torsions and vibrations of the shafts. This allows tighter settings to reduce the noil volume. Due to the design, this is only possible with the TCO 12. Superlap and comber can also be connected with an automatic lap transport system.

 The second introduction is the new Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2. The revision was based on the experience with thousands of first generation integrated draw frames on the market. At the very heart is a completely new drafting system. The first installations in rotor spinning mills show that today the use of an IDF system is vital for yarn counts up to Ne 30. Direct spinning of slivers from the machine combination Card TC11 and IDF 2 saves considerable costs and provides a higher yarn quality. Naturally, the trade fair stand also presents the Trützschler Card TC 11 with the largest cylinder clothing surface. It is currently the most successful card on the world market.

 With T-Data, the production system is always under control. T-Data is a web-based central data acquisition system for spinning preparation. All important quality data and error statistics of the machines connected are saved and can be viewed on an internet-capable notebook, Smartphone or tablet also while on the go.

 Trützschler NONWOVENS puts emphasis on the variety of products for nonwovens production. Complete systems ranging from fiber opening to winding of the web are offered from a single source for the four web bonding processes (hydroentangling, needling, thermobonding and chemical bonding).

 A wet-in-wet process represents a brand new development for such end products as flushable wipes. The technology and design of the production plant was developed with the German company Voith Paper.

 T-Data_10 (Medium)Furthermore, information on various tailor-made components will be presented: The new Streamliner dryer realises maximum evaporation rates for hydroentangled webs at minimum energy consumption.  Concerning winders, the focus is also on the variety of available inline and offline solutions. An example is the new, energy-efficient automatic surface winder for spunlace materials.

 TruetzschlerMAN-MADE FIBERS exhibits its system competence in the field of staple fibers and filament. This ranges from texturing units for BCF yarns, compact systems, all the way to highly productive two-stage staple fiber lines. In addition to new systems, the information covers the upgrading of existing systems.

 TruetzschlerCARD CLOTHING provides all products and services regarding clothing for cards and roller cards. This also includes special clothing for openers or for opening rollers of rotor spinning machines. This year, TTMS has taken over the marketing and service for opening roller clothing in China. These wires can be used on all types of opening rollers and for a broad variety of applications. They are available as “Standard” and “Chemically polished” versions.

 The Novotop 58 flat top is an invention within the flats product range. It is used in the area of fine combed yarns. The new Novotop 30 flats top has been specifically designed for coloured fibers and regenerated fibers for rotor spinning.

 By bringing together the expertise in terms of machines and clothings, an optimal coordination is reached. Our experienced service technicians work around the globe to ensure that excellent results are achieved even in special applications. This strategy of “one face to the customer” means first-hand service.

 Trützschler is a member of the Blue Competence initiative of the German mechanical engineering. This involves the commitment to responsible use of resources. For the operators of Trützschler machines and systems this results in decreased production costs thanks to low energy consumption and waste reduction.